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Алексей Хазанов / Alexey Khazanov

Алексей Хазанов / Alexey Khazanov

Младший  научный сотрудник ЛИСОМО РЭШ /

Junior Research fellow (NES CSDSI)


  • akhazanov [at] nes.ru
Research interest: macroeconomics, political economy


  • Quantifying inflation expectations — the Bank of Russia’s approach (in Russian, Den’gi i Credit, 2015/3)
  • The impact of the exchange rate fluctuations on the economic activity in Russia (with
    P. Badasen and F. Kartaev, in Russian, Den’gi i Credit, forthcoming)
  • Modern monetary policy — relevant criticism or misunderstanding in the expert community? (with P. Badasen and A. Isakov, in Russian, forthcoming)

Work in progress

  • Estimating impact of the inflation targeting policy adoption on economic growth (with F. Kartaev and A. Philippov, in Russian, resubmitted)
  • On the breakup of nations: the case of a large federal state (in English)